The Importance of
Cloud for Your Business

Cloud computing and Cloud hosting are made possible by their relative independence from the physical hardware on which they run. The flexibility of Cloud allows your business to quickly adjust to market trends, trends that might require completely different computing resources from those you are currently using, without the risk of abandoning equipment to which you have already made a large financial commitment.

Since 1994, with roots in Data and Document Management, and website design, development and hosting, Núna has the experience to help businesses choose the perfect solutions for their needs.

100% True Cloud Servers

Infrastructure so reliable we back it by our written 99.999% uptime guarantee (Service Level Agreement)

‘Cloud’ is the advanced delivery of on-demand computing resources, across the internet, for maximum business efficiency and flexibility. As you have probably noticed, there are many definitions of Cloud, and some providers confuse things so much, it makes it hard to distinguish from simple Virtual Servers. For Núna, a true Cloud has to incorporate at least the following key components, or we do not consider it Cloud at all:


A cornerstone of Núna's TrueCloud™ infrasturcture is built-in redundancy that reduces downtime through failover, which shifts services from a potentially faulty piece of hardware to spare resources kept online and available for this specific purpose at all times.

Automatic Failover

While redundancy is great, what good is it if it takes hours, or more, to bring spare resources online? Núna's TrueCloud™ infrastructure automates this process to greatly reduce or even eliminate downtime.


Fixed resources limit business flexibility. The ability to quickly scale up resources to meet client demand, or the ability to scale down to reduce costs when possible, are key features of Núna's TrueCloud™ infrastructure, and can be critical to business success.