The Significance of a Domain Name

Your domain name is the cornerstone of your online presence, and is absolutely essential to the success of your website. Anyone telling you otherwise does not have a genuine interest in your success. Your domain name is always “out there” announcing and guiding others to your site. With more than 1,000 Top Level Domains (TLDs) available, virtually any name you dream up can be registered. Statistics indicate domain names are being registered at an average rate of tens of thousands per day, so you should consider reserving your domain name now, before someone else does. Even if you are not immediately planning to develop a website, Núna can help you secure a name for future use.

Domain Name Services Overview

Choosing the correct domain name is just the beginning

Whether you’re starting a new company, a new brand, or you have an existing brand you’re trying to take online, you’re going to need a website. A strong digital presence is key to success in today’s tech-oriented society. In the past, maintaining a website meant lots of work (and money). Technology has evolved to the point where that is no longer true. Using Facebook can be an effective part of your online strategy, although businesses should use caution when planning their Facebook presence. Everything you do is always going to be subordinate to that blue Facebook brand.

Domain Name Acquisition

Once a domain name is selected, the natural tendency is to purchase it as quickly as possible with little regard for anything else. This can be a mistake! Some companies doing domain registrations hide "gotchas" in their fine print. Not Núna. You ALWAYS own your domain names. You can use them, transfer* them or offer them for sale at any time.

Proactive Security Focus

Since 1994, Núna has managed thousands upon thousands of domain transactions for myriad clients all over the world. Whether you want anonymity or publicity, Núna has the expertise to help.

Latest PHP, MySQL and More

It is no secret some folks register domain names with the expectation to make a profit selling it in the future. Núna has helped many clients through this process, and because we handle each transaction with a personal touch, are usually able to obtain a significant increase in the selling price. Generally there is NO CHARGE for this service if the domain was registered by Núna, although sometimes complicated transactions might incur a small fee.