Consulting is Where it All Begins

Counsultancy: noun a professional business or agency offering expert advice in a field. When you partner with Núna, your business becomes our business, too. Leverage our divergent knowledge and experience to benefit your entire organization.

Núna is a full-service provider. We work with all types and sizes of clients. No job is too large or too small. Núna is able to help with:

  • Brand & Identity
  • Design a New Website
  • Refresh Your Current Website
  • Assist With Current Project
  • Content Management
  • Content Migration
  • CMS Update/Migration
  • Document Management
  • Security Audits
  • Custom Integrations
  • Process Improvement
  • Much, much more

Consulting: Núna Listens and Learns

Professionalism for all businesses, large and small

For many clients, their website is the face of their products or services, and often the first glimpse at their brand offering. It can also be a launchpad, propelling users into their story and why users should choose them. Take a look at your competitors’ websites to note what they are missing that you want to include.

This message needs to be delivered clearly to create interest and establish credibility that you are the right partner to help clients achieve their business goals. A proper understanding of those business goals is an essential part of Núna’s process. Without a thorough understanding of a client’s goals, we would just be wasting your time and money. Often we find many clients can’t tell us what they want, and we will ask a lot of questions. It’s all part of the process.

We consider the user, your customer, in every step of our process to ensure no matter how they interact with you—your website, mobile app or a social media campaign—they will enjoy a consistent and positive experience. Today’s sophisticated consumers expect nothing less.

Getting to Know Your Organization

Very rarely is a given website project similar to any another. Because of this, we need to understand some things about your organization. What do you do? What are your core values, your ideas, your mission? Who is your target market?

Determining Wants and Needs

Discussion topics will include what functionality the site should have (and maybe even what it shouldn't have), what it should look like, how the content should be organized. Our primary focus will be to keep the site easy to navigate and use so your site remains accessible to your target market.

Discussing Possibilities and Limitations

Based on the above discussions, we will work together to develop an effective plan for your website. We'll discuss domain names and web hosting options, and get you set up with what will work best for you.